Team D-Max and 4x4

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The Canberra Home & Leisure Show is your one-stop shop for all things offroad! 

Top-notch exhibitors, interactive demonstrations and seminars from local experts will keep you busy for hours.

What's on?

Team D-Max  Iron Summit  - Presented by Isuzu UTE 

The Iron Summit, is genuinely the steepest 4WD testing ramp in the world! The ramp demonstrates an incline and decline slope angle of 45 degrees, and has been engineered with an incredible 100 percent grade, meaning the vehicle has an equal run to raise ratio - climbing vertically one meter for every meter travelled. 

The Iron Summit is so steep, that when ascending the incline, passengers often experience a sensation that the vehicle is going to tip backwards. The descent is just as hair-raising as passengers experience their full body weight being transferred to the seat belts. 

While the Iron Summit certainly offers passengers a wild ride, the angle of the ramp actually remains well within the factory standard climbing capabilities of the Isuzu M-UX - the vehicle demonstrated on the Iron Summit. 

Come and ride the Iron Summit for no additional cost at the Show! Check out the video of what you get the chance to experience 

Where: Team D-Max near the ARB Building    
When: Daily - 10am - 5pm

Team D-Max   Two Wheel Driving  - Presented by Isuzu UTE 

If the Iron Summit wasn't enough to get the heart racing then climb aboard with Team D-Max for another thrill ride in a Isuzu UTE. 

Casually you start to drive normally before you get turned onto your side and drive around a small track on two wheels like the drivers do as apart of their shows they do around the country. 

Come and ride for no additional cost at the Show!

Where: Team D-Max near the ARB Building    
When: Daily - 10am - 5pm

Isuzu UTE 

While you are waiting for your ride in the Team D-Max Vehicle be sure to check out the display from Isuzu UTE and they show off the latest range of cars on the market and how you can make your next vehicle purchased an Isuzu UTE.   

Where: Team D-Max Display 

TJM Canberra 4x4 Pavilion 

Come in and see the wide range of products on offer from TJM Canberra. 

TJM product range has extensively grown to include; steel and alloy bull bars, nudge bars, side and rear protection bars, side steps, trade racks, roof racks, TJM recovery equipment, TJM winches, TJM XGS suspension, Airtec snorkels, TJM Pro Lockers and TJM roof top tents & awnings.

While TJM has grown to be a sophisticated operation, it has never forgotten the key elements that resulted in the formation of the brand.
  • Trust: from the quality of manufacturing.
  • Pride: in our innovative designs.
  • Adventure: heading out from suburbia and experiencing the wonders of our unique and breathtaking country
Where: Located at the back of the Main Arena Grandstand 

ARB 4x4 Pavilion 

Make sure you drop past the ARB Pavilion to check our the latest products on offer.  

ARB is one of Australia's largest manufacturers and distributors of 4×4 accessories and has an extensive range of products that will suit all your 4x4 needs. Their brand philosophy is quality, reliability and practicality. 

Where: Located near the Team-Dmax activities